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"Eco-Friendly and Sustainability"

The two hottest keyword at the moment isn't just all about tumblers, eco-bags, electric cars, and biodegradable waste. The main idea behind sustainability is "meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs" (Brundtland, 1987).

With this idea in mind, ARCAGENOL has found a solution to beautifying without having to compromise health of both current and future generation as well as our environment.

Marrying Jacob's 20+ years of hair design experience and recognition from top notch hair professionals and Susana's 20+ years of experience in salon management, the MFEO duo has been studying on ways on inventing the new premium sustainable hair and skin care for years and GENOL was found to be the key to their answer.

Most beauty products are known to carry harmful chemicals for both human and environment, which is why sustainability became one of the most hottest interest for both beauty industry and consumers over the last past years with the great rise of sustainability awareness in general. However, sustainable beauty products often brings down a dilemma with one's beauty being compromised in return of brining a big smile to one's health, the environment, and future generation one might not even get to see.

But now you have ARCAGENOL.

Your beautiful silky hair or glowingly plumped skin no longer have to be sacrificed to win the Captain Planet award. ARCAGENOL, the pine stump extract derived from New Zealand grown pine tree, will help you save your beauty while making everyone happy with its world's greatest and healthiest antioxident power.

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